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About Us

Meet the MediaFire Team

MediaFire is an online storage and collaboration company focused on providing the world with a complete and easy-to-use solution for managing their digital stuff online and on the go.

Available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows, and Web, MediaFire is the only online storage solution to offer unlimited downloads, download resuming, zero wait times and more, all for free.

Every month, more than 150 million people use MediaFire to quickly and securely store, organize and share all their personal and professional data in the cloud.

What Others Are Saying
  • Google Doubleclick Top 100 site
  • “Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites”
  • “If I had to pick one, it would be MediaFire.”
  • “It’s almost perfect!”
  • “How to store your files online.”


  • Derek Labian
    Derek LabianCEO

    Derek Labian oversees the strategic and engineering direction of the Houston-based cloud services company. Co-Founding the company in 2006, Labian architected the site from the ground up designing, implementing and managing most of the technical components. Pursuing a nascent internet startup at the age of 16, Labian has over 15 years of experience at technology startups and large technology corporations. He has a passion for technology, a winning record and a key sense of how to engineer a successful startup. Prior to co-founding MediaFire, Labian served as the President and CEO of the FileFront companies and the Vice President and General Manager, FileFront with Ziff Davis Media.

  • Tom Langridge
    Tom LangridgeVP of Product and Communications

    Tom Langridge has been a front-end web developer and entrepreneur for over 15 years. Prior to co-founding MediaFire in 2006, he studied neurology at the University of California, Davis and ran a web design consultancy in Sacramento. His current efforts focus on business development in Silicon Valley as well as product evangelism and partner outreach. He’s based in Palo Alto, California and loves to mountain bike in the hills behind Stanford and can be found drinking copious amounts of tea at the local coffee shops.

  • Bryan Christ
    Bryan ChristVP of Software Engineering

    Bryan Christ has been managing software projects for more than a decade. Prior to accepting a full time position with MediaFire, he managed the Linux Desktop development efforts for the Business PC division of Hewlett-Packard. He loves to spend his free time with his family, working outdoors, and volunteering at church.

  • Gabe Soli
    Gabe SoliDirector of Web and Graphic Design

    Gabe Soli handles all visual design projects for MediaFire. Gabe has been doing web design for 5 years and enjoys every second of it. Before finally finding his calling in web design, he tried his hand at other creative mediums, including illustration, 3D animation, and print design. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending his time with his family and exploring other creative outlets, such as music and photography.

  • Todd Faulk
    Todd FaulkPresident

    Todd is well versed in business mechanics, investing, advising and operating a number of successful businesses. He has hands on experience in key roles including Sales, Management, Operations, Usability Analysis and Customer Service. Prior to co-founding MediaFire, Faulk served as the Chief Operating Officer at the FileFront companies and the Vice President of Operations, FileFront at Ziff Davis Media Inc.

  • Sharon Fanning
    Sharon FanningVP of Legal, Human Resources & Finance

    Sharon began her career with ITT in the fast paced and cutting edge telecom industry. Joining an entrepreneurial telecom company, she created a National Accounts team working with Toshiba and Robert Half International in two countries. Prior to co-founding MediaFire, she served as VP of Finance for the FileFront companies and Director of Finance, FileFront at Ziff Davis Media, Inc. Her interests are wide-ranging but surpassing them all are architecture, dancing and fishing.

  • Daniel Goebel
    Daniel GoebelDirector of Customer Service and QA

    Daniel Goebel’s extensive experience in customer service and management began with Wal-Mart as a Customer Service Manager under the influence of Sam Walton’s protégé and then at VoiceStream Wireless, now T-Mobile, as Executive Director of Operations, establishing three call centers and setting award-winning standards for outstanding customer service. Daniel has a MBA from the University of New Mexico. He is deeply engaged in various charities and has served as a board member for multiple organizations. His musical interests include the violin, trumpet and piano.

  • Chris O'Brien
    Chris O’BrienDirector of Technical Operations

    Chris O’Brien oversees all technical components for MediaFire. He has been involved with systems administration and engineering for over 10 years. Prior to joining MediaFire, he worked as the CTO of the FileFront companies and CTO, FileFront with Ziff Davis Media. He studied paramedicine and in his spare time, worked nightshift EMS for Community Life Support in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He also served as President and EMS Lieutenant for the Newton-Ransom Fire Company.

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