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Virus FAQ


What is Virus Scan?

Virus Scan is a free malware scanner powered by BitDefender's award winning, industry-leading Anti-Malware technology. It scans your files that are being uploaded to the MediaFire Network.

What does Virus Scan do?

Virus Scan works well as a standalone security product that protects the MediaFire community from malware being uploaded. It assures the user that the file that is being downloaded has been scanned for malware using award winning virus detection engine.

What happens if a malware is detected?

If Virus Scan detects a problem, it will flag the file and will not allow that file to be downloaded into the MediaFile network. Files that do not contain malware will continue to be uploaded into the MediaFire network.

A virus was found during my upload. What should I do?

You should update your existing security solution and scan the file that has been flagged. If malware is still persistent within your file, you may want to buy a copy or download a free trial of the BitDefender security solution. If you feel that there is an error, please report this to your MediaFire support.

Where can I get more information about BitDefender?

For more about BitDefender's Home and Home/Office security solutions, visit BitDefender Internet Security.

For support with BitDefender Home and Home/Office security solutions check the BitDefender knowledge base.

When Virus Scan finds a virus, does it cancel the upload for clean files?

No. Clean files will continue to be uploaded to the MediaFire Network.

Does Virus Scan automatically quarantine infected files on my computer?

No. Virus Scan only flags infected files that are being uploaded to the MediaFire Network. You may want to try or buy BitDefender Internet Security to help you identify additional malware that is inside your computer system. BitDefender provides a special offer for MediaFire customers.

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