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All your media,
anywhere you go

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All your media, anywhere you go

MediaFire stores all your media and makes it available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go, on any device you have.

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Share your media

Share your media as media. Your photos, videos, songs, and documents are more than just files. On MediaFire you can share, view, and listen to over 200 different file formats - all right in your web browser or mobile device.

Social by design

Life is better when shared with friends. Collaborate on projects, share folders and files, and control who can edit and who can view. Invite friends to connect through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or via email.

Safe and secure

With up to 50GB of free space, you can use MediaFire to backup all your important files—and even your not-so-important ones too. Your files are stored securely and privately and are always available to you.

You’re in good company

From students to creative professionals—even people at Fortune 500 companies—users from all over the world connect and share through MediaFire everyday.

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