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NP-BAD-werf 160307 geluid.pps
Presentation (.PPS)
  • File size: 10.27 MB
  • Uploaded: 2011-03-19 02:20:27
About Document Formats

Microsoft published the specs for XML file formats in 2003 and licensed them to competitors. Over the years there has been a push toward an open standards environment, and currently Open XML and Open Document Format (ODF) are at the forefront. The XML format is very much in favor because data in a file can be reused. This reuse was not possible with binary file formats. The XML format is expected to be the future of document file formats.

NP-BAD-werf 160307 geluid.pps

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NP-BAD-werf 160307 geluid.pps

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NP-BAD-werf 160307 geluid
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