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Questions About Files

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Do I need to have an account to download files from Mediafire?

No. As long as you have been provided with a Sharing URL link to a file you can download files from Mediafire without having to sign up for an account.

Can I resume disconnected downloads?

MediaFire supports resuming of disconnected downloads as long as your web browser or download manager/accelerator supports resuming. You can resume a download for up to 24 hours from when you first clicked the download link.

I have downloaded a file but cannot open it.

Please contact the party that provided you with the link for details on how to open the file. Mediafire does not provide details on how to open different file extensions or access to certain codecs. Nor do we have access to any passwords that may be required to open up a file.

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Can I use the Basic Uploader to upload files?

Yes. In order to change from the Flash uploader to the HTML basic uploader, please go to the My Accounts page and locate “Upload Options” on the left side of the page. You will be able to disable Flash Uploads manually from here.

Can others upload files to my account?

Yes. With a Pro account, you can create a dropbox folder and embed the dropbox onto your website or blog, which will allow others to upload files to your account without needing to access your account.

What size files can I upload?

Free users can upload files up to 200MB in size. Pro users can upload files up to 10GB in size. Image files can be no larger than 25MB and 20000x14200 pixels in dimension for both Pro and free users.

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Questions About Files

I have purchased a file and it is marked private or password protected.

Please contact the party you purchased the file from to request the file be made public or to request the password.

Can I update a file and keep the same URL link?

Yes. The Update File feature allows you to replace a file while keeping its original URL so it can be assigned to another file. In order to update a file, select the two files that you wish to update on the My Files page (they must both have the same extension). Click the “Update File” item in the left menu. This will open the Update File window. The information about the 2 files selected will be displayed. Select the file to update and which to delete by clicking the “Click to Swap’ button. Final changes will show at the bottom of the page.

Can I search for certain files on Mediafire?

We do not offer an option to search for files from other Mediafire members’ accounts in order to protect the privacy of people who have uploaded sensitive and/or confidential files.

How long does Mediafire store files?

For MediaPro subscribers, your uploaded files will be stored forever as long as your Pro account is active. For free accounts, there is currently no time limit on how long uploaded files will be stored as long as you access your account (i.e. login to your account) or your files are being accessed (i.e. downloaded). Every account is different and different accounts may become inactive at different times.

Users receive at least 4 notification emails that files are pending deletion before any deletion actually occurs. Logging into your account is sufficient to prevent deletions.

Can I rename a file or folder or add a short description to the file?

Yes. Under the My Files section of your account, locate the file or folder that you wish to edit, hover over the file name with your mouse until you see “Edit File (Folder) Info” just below and to the right of the file/folder name. Click on “Edit File (Folder) Info” which will display the name, description and tag for the folder or file. Make any necessary changes or additions and “Save Info”.

Can I password protect a file?

Yes. Under the My Files section of your account, locate the file that you wish to password protect, hover over the file name with your mouse until you see “Edit File Info” just below and to the right of the file name. Click on “Edit File Info” which will display information that can be edited. Below the “Tags” field you will see the “Password protect this file” highlighted in red. Click on this to enter in your password for the file and “Save Info”. Password Protected files will be displayed in orange. Folders and image files cannot be password protected.

How can I make a file or folder private?

To make a file private, hover over the name of the file on your My Files page, and click “make private”. To make a file public again, hover over the name of the file on your My Files page and click “make public”. Private files appear in red on your My Files page.

My files are not displayed in my folder

If you have files uploaded to a folder and they are not displaying for others, please check your Sharing Mode located on the My Account page. The default setting is enabled for Basic to ensure the security of your files. To allow your files to be viewed when accessing a folder URL link, set the sharing mode to Extended.

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Forgotten Password

I forgot my password and cannot login.

You can reset your password by going to the Login window display, clicking on “Forgot My Password’, and entering in your Mediafire account login on the password reset page. You will be sent an email to reset your password.

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How can I sign up for a Pro account?

Please visit for available plans and price options.

Which payment methods are accepted for MediaPro subscriptions?

Currently Mediafire accepts all major Credit cards as long as your billing address is located within the U.S. Alternatively, we also offer Pay Pal as a payment method. If you do not have access to a credit card or Pay Pal account, or would like to use a different payment method, you may contact one of our registered resellers to see what payment options may be available. View our list of resellers

How do I cancel my MediaPro subscription?

You can easily cancel your Mediafire monthly subscription at any time. When you cancel, your account will continue to be Mediafire premium until the end of the term that you have already paid for.

Customers paying through PayPal should note that subscriptions are maintained and controlled by PayPal and not by MediaFire. To view or cancel it, log in to your PayPal account and click Recurring Payments under your Profile.

Customers paying by credit card can cancel their account by logging into their account and clicking the “My Account” tab. Click on “Account and Billing” from the left column and locate the link to “Cancel Subscription”.

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MediaFire Resellers

How can I become a Mediafire reseller?

We offer a reseller program. Find out more at

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